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Exclusive ‘Mango Mintality’ Seedlings From Purple City Genetics

Exclusive California Street Cannabis Seedlings from Purple City Genetics Guest Blog by Eric Rosen PCG  Background:  Purple City...

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Exclusive ‘After Dark’ Seedlings From Purple City Genetics

Purple City Genetics is an Oakland, California-based cannabis collective founded in 2008. We were born out of the medical movement, primarily with smaller indoor growers who always had their finger on the pulse with respect to consumer preferences, both current and also what the next vanguard cultivars were likely to be.

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Canna Craft Highlights Black Owned Dispensaries In California | Drakari Donaldson Spotlight

Drakari is a beneficiary of San Francisco’s social equity program, which requires you meet 3 of 6 requirements to get a license. With that, he was able to open California Street’s doors in January 2020. The year was challenging, yet still rewarding, as California St shakes past the ills of the pandemic to continue growing. 

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