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San Francisco’s newest legal cannabis store is located right in the heart of Nob Hill. For the most accessible cannabis in the Bay Area. The dispensary offers in-store, pickup, and delivery service to meet the needs of every kind of customer. With a name like California Street and an address to match, you’ll never get lost trying to find this cannabis store. Once there you’ll notice qualified cannabis experts, industry-leading brands, and an elevated cannabis vibe.

cannabis store staffConsult a Cannabis Store Expert

California Street cannabis experts are well versed in the latest industry news, product offerings, and culture. They are ready to listen, happy to share their insights, and poised to help customers find the right cannabis products. In fact, taking the time to consult with them can save you time and money in the long run. By finding the right product on the first dispensary visit, less time will be wasted searching around for relief and less money too!

Dispensary staff will often ask you questions to get a better idea of which products they’ll want to suggest. 

  • Do you want to smoke, vape, eat, or wear your cannabis?
  • Are you here for medicinal or recreational purposes?
  • What symptoms are you trying to relieve?
  • Do you want a daytime or night time experience?

This interchange isn’t meant to be invasive, instead, it’s aimed at perfectly pairing customers with cannabis products. Ideally, they will have enough information to suggest the right products the first time.

Cultivating the Neighborhood Vibe

The California Street location and culture qualify it as a true neighborhood dispensary. The importance of cultivating the neighborhood dispensary vibe over embracing a corporate dispensary chain is the maintenance of community ecosystems that paint the fabric of society.

The very idea of neighborhood solicits feelings of family and that’s exactly what California Street Cannabis Company wants you to feel like, family. So whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned pro, there’s something better for those who need it at their neighborhood cannabis store. 

Come for Cannabis Leave with Awareness

Visting the cannabis dispensary is different than visiting the traditional drug store. Yes, they both have products for pain relief and personal enjoyment, but only one has insights. A trip to the dispensary results in learning while a trip to CVS usually results in a long receipt. The next time you have the choice, take a left turn and visit the neighborhood cannabis dispensary for an opportunity to learn how cannabis can improve your quality of life.