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Marijuana Strains with Discreet Odor

by California Street| | Cannabis

Cannabis smell. Whether you’re growing it or smoking it, the pungent odor of the marijuana plant is immediately recognizable. As much as we love it, we understand that the cannabis smell can be a problem for both growers and smokers, especially if you are outdoors or if you don’t want to draw unnecessary attention.

There are, however, many low-odor strains that either produce almost no smell or have smells that are totally different from the skunky aroma that represents marijuana.

Let’s check them out!

Jack Herer

One of the most well-known low-odor strains on the market, Jack Herer can be grown indoors without producing any strong odors, and there is no skunky cannabis smell when smoking it. Instead, the aroma of this low-odor strain is sweet, fruity, and earthy. If you want to test it yourself, consider trying AbsoluteXtracts Jack Herer cannabis oil to experience its elevating high, its citrus aromatics, and earthy flavors.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights, a multi-award-winning cannabis legend, must be included on any list of the greatest low-odor cannabis strains. This strain is a spectacular 100% Indica strain with up to 20% THC content that provides potent effects of relaxation and just the proper amount of couch-lock to ease your craziest anxieties. Its pleasantly fruity flavors with notes of pine and herbs as well as its sweet and earthy odor can deceive the nose of anyone as it is more like an incense stick.

Durban Poison

One of the greatest low-odor cannabis strains is Durban Poison, an award-winning Sativa valued for its potent citrus flavor. Moreover, throughout the whole growing process, Durban Poison plants are virtually odorless. After curing, its buds release a spicy, citrus aroma that is reminiscent of licorice, which hides the weed’s skunkiness. 

Stoners prefer smoking this strain in the morning to get their day started as it has uplifting and energizing effects. Durban Poison has an average THC content of 19% and a lot of people report feeling less fatigue, more focus, and improvement in their mood. If you’re a beginner, you can try UpNorth’s preroll Durban Poison joint to experience its high and subtle scents. 

Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic is another odorless marijuana strain that has to be included in our list. This hybrid strain with a predominance of Indica was created by crossing Northern Lights, Skunk, and Blueberry. Many indoor growers favor Blue Mystic because it has a short flowering time of seven weeks, as well as for its discreet smell. 

Blue Mystic emits a delicate aroma of sweet fruit, mostly blueberries, as opposed to a skunk-like scent. This low-odor cannabis strain, which has a 15% THC content, induces a calming and euphoric high and can be used to treat chronic pain, nausea, lack of sleep, and stress.

Green Ninja

This 70% Indica strain, a hybrid between the legendary Northern Lights and Afghani, is a potent flower for treating pain, anxiety, and stress with up to 22% THC. As the name implies, Green Ninja is excellent for stealth growing because it has a much milder odor than other cannabis strains.

One of the best low-odor strains available, its fruity flavors with spicy undertones are strong in taste but mild on the nose. This strain can also be harvested in just 60 days, so you won’t have to worry as much about your neighbors smelling your flowering buds!

White Rhino

This Indica-dominant hybrid was created by crossing White Widow and North American Indica. White Rhino generally produces a high that is primarily calming but can occasionally be highly cerebral and euphoric. White Rhino has gained a reputation among medical patients for its capacity to reduce tension, anxiety, pain, and insomnia. 

Thanks to its up to 20% THC content and a significant presence of the medical CBD the plant offers both mental and physical advantages. The flavor profile of this strain is amazing, mostly sweet and fruity but never overwhelming. It’s a great marijuana strain that doesn’t smell like traditional marijuana when growing because once it reaches the flowering stage, despite being pungent in its own way, it is characterized by its earthy and wood aromas.

Master Kush

Master Kush is a low-odor Indica-dominant strain with a sweet flavor and barely detectable earthy and citrus aromas. This weed strain with a minimal odor is perfect for treating severe stress because it can create relaxing effects and mood improvement. Master Kush, which is a hybrid of Skunk #1 and Hindu Kush, has an average THC concentration of 18%. This earthy, low-odor cannabis strain, which is Dutch in origin, is a must-try for every stoner looking for low-odor strains!

We are here to help you find the Perfect strain

At, we understand that some customers prefer their marijuana strains to be odorless. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of top-tier strains that are low on smell and high on flavor and potency. Our team has tested and tasted each strain to ensure they meet our exceptionally high standards for odorlessness while still delivering an enjoyable and robust experience. No matter what kind of marijuana experience you’re looking for, your local trusted SF Dispensary has an odorless strain that’s just right for you. Stop by today to find your perfect strain! 

 We also offer a variety of other services, including edibles, delivery, tinctures, and more – so be sure to ask our friendly staff for help if you need it. We look forward to helping you find your perfect product! 

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