Lights On (Energy) Gummies 2:1 (THC:THCV) - 20mg - Heavy Hitters (S)
Heavy HittersLights On (Energy) Gummies 2:1 (THC:THCV) - 20mg - Heavy Hitters (S)100.0 milligrams
THC: 100.0mg

Lights On THCV Gummies are formulated to deliver a clean, energetic high without the edge. A delicious blend of kiwi, melon, and subtle hits of sour apple. These gummies feature Green Crack, a classic super sativa strain, amplified with THCV, a promising rare cannabinoid which may produce a less hungry high. 20mg THC | 10mg THCV per piece. Gluten free. Dairy free. Nut free.

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